The great purge

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Whoever wrote this program obviously did it in a hurry. Actually, that's not true: this program was written for educational purposes, and the author deliberately crammed in superfluous variables and simultaneously failed to declare necessary variables. We're going to correct this: Comment out the unnecessary variables, and declare the missing variables. Then the program will achieve universal harmony.
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Tunde. O
Level 4 , Springdale, United States
28 August 2020, 23:28
Why are some Tasks are being blocked? What's the best way to unblock?
Level 2 , Santa Fe, USA
13 August 2020, 15:45
I'm trying to reset this code back to it's original state as well. thanks
Mike Fam
Level 2 , Concord, United States
15 June 2020, 17:06
Is there a way to reset the code back to the original state?
Devonte A
Level 18 , Rubery, United Kingdom
15 April 2020, 11:13
Completed the challenge Note - You will not need to change the values only the declarations :)
jalahith reddy
Level 2 , Mumbai, India
11 June 2019, 13:36
but we need to place quotation marks to get the space between 5 and is better... right?
Miha Čelešnik
Level 9 , Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia
19 September 2019, 10:22
Dont think so, space is provided at the begining and the end of the string b.
Level 11 , Radomsko, Poland
12 October 2018, 17:22
Four variables must be declared.
Md Hasnat Al Mahmud
Level 1 , Petaling jaya, Malaysia
3 September 2018, 04:31
how can i unlock this lesson ?
Level 41
3 September 2018, 06:09
You have to open this lesson.
Level 2 , Pune, India
26 August 2018, 17:09