Amigo is very smart

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Write a program that displays "Amigo is very smart". Example output: Amigo is very smart
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MJ Level 0
yesterday, 04:16
craig Level 1, Bournville, United Kingdom
Saturday, 09:48
craig Level 1, Bournville, United Kingdom
Saturday, 09:40
task 1 completed
8 January, 18:49
I though you were here for the basics, but it doesn't tell you how to write " Amigo is smart", how do i make it display?
Emmanuel okechukwu Level 0, enugu, Nigeria
1 January, 15:49
theres no hint button in mine
Bro Level 0
27 December 2020, 17:08
lol hi
Sebastian Level 0
25 December 2020, 08:54
sup 9 year olds
Kevin Thomas Level 2, New York City, United States
15 December 2020, 17:27
I like this
Rubens Level 0
7 December 2020, 14:50
iniciante pessoal da um desconto nao sei nada de java ,
jorgezanorabarrios37 Level 1, Suwanee, United States
7 December 2020, 14:12
I just started coding and it very easy if you put your mind into it. Like my old freind use to say coding it like a log that move down the stream slowly