Amigo is very smart

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Write a program that displays "Amigo is very smart". Example output: Amigo is very smart
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DevishaLevel 0
day before yesterday, 18:00
Intelligent work...
Okechukwu MbaLevel 0 , Lagos
Wednesday, 15:28
NIce work
Sureyya CelepLevel 0 , Louisville
12 February, 16:50
it was nice:)
Junior jarjuLevel 0
11 February, 13:37
SELMANELevel 1 , Compiegne
30 January, 16:20
My code is correct but I keep getting this message package Systems does not exist. file com/codegym/task/task01/task0142/, line 11, position 188
RomanLevel 41
31 January, 08:14
Where did the package Systems come from?
AdrianLevel 1 , Chiajna
1 February, 20:51
Maybe you wrote "Systems." instead of "System.".
suhilLevel 0
27 January, 01:40
easy but can someone help me with shortcuts on IntelliJ
Henry MendelLevel 4 , Galactic Rush
28 January, 14:34
The most useful shortcut for for beginners like us would be "sout", which the first option would be "System.out.println". As you move on you will catch on to all the shortcuts. Also try turning on tips when intelliJ starts, by clicking on the search button on the right top of the screen "show tips on startup". //lots of success!!
AilinLevel 3 , Saint Louis
21 January, 09:11
ceigeLevel 0
19 January, 07:35
What did I miss? Am I reading the interface incorrectly? What was I supposed to read before this where I would be like, Oh! This solution obviously. *Edited my comment because apparently solution is not allowed in comments. My comment sounds like gibberish now though
MANISH Level 1 , Fort Worth
16 January, 01:03
9 January, 13:26