Amigo is very smart

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Write a program that displays "Amigo is very smart". Example output: Amigo is very smart
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Hacko0xLevel 1 , Rio de Janeiro
15 hours ago
Very easy, but simple. 10/10
Monday, 15:12
it was a quick and simple code for me
Saturday, 17:36
it is a good way of learning how to code...
tarini.sagiLevel 0
24 June, 13:58
this task was pretty hard...And I Did not know what I was doin for the most of it... BUT... It was fun
Shaurya DawraLevel 1 , Prayagraj
20 June, 12:25
hello there
Ankit KumarLevel 1
16 June, 09:25
i done it , acording to the example . But it dosen't work.
Hiram ToddLevel 2 , San Tan Valley
16 June, 05:20
Got it! On to the next!
DaBoyLevel 0
13 June, 01:07
oh its supposed to be system.out.print i see
DaBoyLevel 0
13 June, 01:06
I DID "system.out.println("amigo is very smart");" BUT IT DIDNT ALLOW!
Oli CambrayLevel 1 , Harlestone
22 June, 12:37
capital S on System dude
KoloLevel 1 , Freiburg
22 June, 13:42
System.out.println is working like enter... that´s not the task...your code outputs amigo is very smart + enter another empty line, which is not correct due to the carefully!
23 June, 06:26
Because the "Amigo" you need, not the "amigo". no problem with your print or println
AndrewLevel 1 , Makati
12 June, 10:47
Done! Bring it...