Amigo is very smart

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Write a program that displays "Amigo is very smart". Example output: Amigo is very smart
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Nkeiruka EzeLevel 1 , Lagos
yesterday, 16:00
this is really cool
Nkeiruka EzeLevel 1 , Lagos
Saturday, 14:32
"Amigo is very Smart"

Adeyanju HafeezLevel 0 , Ojo
9 June, 09:56
somebody help this code is saying invalid
<amigo is very smart> ;
30 May, 05:52
//type this system.out.println("Amigo is very smart");
Pavan satyanarayanaLevel 0 , Hyderabad
26 May, 08:12
Please tell me once how can I write this program
SarahLevel 3 , Nairobi
15 May, 10:49
com/codegym/task/task01/task0142/ error: cannot find symbol System.out.printIn("Amigo is very smart"); ^ symbol: method printIn(java.lang.String) location: variable out of type I don't know why am getting this error and i have written the right code
AlexLevel 41
15 May, 11:22
I've just tried typing the whole line in this task on your account and it works fine. Please re-write the line using the ENG keyboard only, as it seems there could be some non-compatible characters that the server does not like for some reason.
Rajendra KLevel 2 , Stockholm
10 May, 13:04
2. The text should begin with "Amigo". => statement is wrong. Please understand it as 2. The text should begin with "Amigo " Suffix a space after Amigo.
DoraLevel 3 , Budapest
8 May, 19:14
Hi it's the same for me, everytime I type something it is writing something totally different. Could you please fix it?
AlexLevel 41
9 May, 07:09
If you are having issues with your code, please submit a new question in the Help section of our website.
5 May, 08:36
How to write is program<
24 April, 15:40
It sis amazing really loving it.
Ahamd Sani Abdullahi Level 0 , Abeokuta
25 April, 13:30
Me it's typing wrong words for me. How do I stop that?