Nerd Break

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At the end of a level, it's helpful to unwind, watch an interesting video, and dream about your future. We suggest an excellent substitute for TV shows: videos about technology and famous nerds. During this break, you'll see Steve Jobs' famous speech to Stanford graduates. Let it inspire you to study with renewed intensity!
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Rebecca Khan
Level 2 , Karachi, Pakistan
25 February, 08:52
The videos aren't initiallising for me
Level 2 , Tashkent, Uzbekistan
23 February, 15:22
Stay hungry, stay foolish. The best sentence of Steve Jobs.
Сашка Миткова
Level 2 , Pleven, Bulgaria
19 January, 09:03
why it's not opening the video
Luuk Aarntzen
Level 7 , Nijmegen, Netherlands
24 January, 13:09
Changing language worked for me. You can ask support.
Level 2 , Chennai, India
23 December 2020, 17:45
Kelly Reed
Level 4 , Wichita, United States
3 October 2020, 09:35
Didn't know he overcame so much... but I still like the irony that he is telling students who beat the pounded trail to try to keep an open mind on what their( and mine) future requires, dot to dot. what will becone the next great calligraphy class.
Jacq Rak
Level 7 , Nancy, France
14 September 2020, 08:53
the best
9 September 2020, 11:21
"Stay hungry, Stay foolish"
Fagun Bhavsar
Level 4 , Bangalore, India
2 September 2020, 10:42
Iacob Zamfir
Level 4 , United Kingdom
12 August 2020, 18:47
the best
Hasibur Rahman
Level 2 , Moulvi Bazar, Bangladesh
2 August 2020, 13:25
No Sound!!!