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Where does a Person come from?

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In Java, people come from the same place that other classes come from: from the programmer's head. It is important for the creator of a class to think through what is important for the class and what is not. If he or she does, then the class will make sense and be useful. Let's begin. Let's create a Person class that allows our Person to have a name, age, weight, and... money. And then we'll create an object.
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Kedar HargudeLevel 2 , Mumbai
Tuesday, 12:58
What does create a Person object and assign a reference to it mean? Not getting what's going on
Matt SelingerLevel 2 , Saint Louis
23 July, 16:05
I was a little confused by the last instruction, '...assign a reference to it to the variable person'. I thought it was implying parameters but really it just wanted the object created. The object 'person' is a variable, is that correct?
Bhagyadhar SahooLevel 2 , Mumbai
17 July, 02:18
i can't understand assign a reference to it to the variable .plz help
Raunak AdhikariLevel 2 , Gurgaon
25 June, 16:19
why does it keep coming be sure the variable is declared
vishalLevel 2 , Jamshedpur
16 June, 15:14
/* Comment has been deleted */
RomanLevel 41
18 June, 06:42
Posting the solution in the comments is prohibited.
Pavan YeolaLevel 2 , Mumbai
12 June, 03:25
error, use constructor new person() without parameter what does that mean
PoonamLevel 4
7 June, 10:52
whats the remaining part of code
Supriya MishraLevel 10 , Bangalore
14 March, 07:59
What is javadoc comment ? why and when it is ideally supposed to be write?
Duck MacLevel 3
3 June, 23:40
Do not worry about code anylasis.
RajaLevel 2 , Colombo
26 February, 11:48
Pls help
ReginaLevel 41
26 February, 12:42
Please write your inquiry in our support chat window.
ZibaniLevel 9 , Here
15 February, 06:03
Ugh. I got it right the first time, but I named the variable something less confusing, so it counted as a fail.