Where does a Person come from?

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In Java, people come from the same place that other classes come from: from the programmer's head. It is important for the creator of a class to think through what is important for the class and what is not. If he or she does, then the class will make sense and be useful. Let's begin. Let's create a Person class that allows our Person to have a name, age, weight, and... money. And then we'll create an object.
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Rolphson SLevel 2 , New York City
2 May, 03:14
I need help asap. I cant figure out what to do.
byronLevel 2 , Hammond
12 April, 04:01
I need help, when are you going to go over the lesson first.
Tahsin AnamLevel 8 , Helsinki
24 February, 13:50
What is the purpose of declaring a class as "public", "static" and "double"?
MordecaiLevel 2 , Accra
16 February, 21:56
I have now been able to fix it
MordecaiLevel 2 , Accra
16 February, 21:49
I would like to know what is wrong with my code now
23 January, 20:16
How do you assign the variable person to the object Person?
Rajendra KLevel 2 , Stockholm
31 January, 18:17
Refer Cat object
Scarlett LowryLevel 2 , Brockton
19 April, 22:33
ya i looked at that and it didn't help
BhavaniLevel 2 , Guntur
8 September 2019, 01:11
how to declare a String variable
DanielLevel 2 , Zagreb
8 September 2019, 20:41
To declare a String variable, you have to tell your computer what type of data you're declaring (in this case String), assign a name to that variable and give it a value. Remember, valuation of a String isn't the same as valuating an int.
MurthyLevel 2 , Los Angeles
28 August 2019, 16:03
I am getting "Be sure that the variable is called person." I can't understand here. any hint pls?
Ashraf NazarLevel 4 , Wellampitiya
3 December 2019, 10:05
double check the spelling on "person" one of it should be capital and other one should be simple
Rajendra KLevel 2 , Stockholm
31 January, 18:18
Refer Cat object which is mentioned in the course.
Bartek MońLevel 2 , Koszalin
24 May, 11:02
Thats is very imporant in Java - they write about it - on the level 0 I think - small letters and big letters are very important in coding!!!
Kedar HargudeLevel 8 , Mumbai
20 August 2019, 12:58
What does create a Person object and assign a reference to it mean? Not getting what's going on
Matt SelingerLevel 2 , Saint Louis
23 July 2019, 16:05
I was a little confused by the last instruction, '...assign a reference to it to the variable person'. I thought it was implying parameters but really it just wanted the object created. The object 'person' is a variable, is that correct?