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Sometimes you don't need to think, you just need to hammer it out! As paradoxical as it may seem, sometimes your fingers will "remember" better than your conscious mind. That's why while training at the secret CodeGym center you will sometimes encounter tasks that require you to enter code. By entering code, you get used to the syntax and earn a little dark matter. What's more, you combat laziness.
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12 September 2022, 02:17
It was hard to find the mistake. if(a < b) if (a < b) ^ HERE is the difference im my case
Martins Martins
Level 3 , Brazil
12 September 2021, 23:24
10 August 2021, 07:15
Oh wow this one is annoyingly picky,for me to complete it i had to erase instantly any symbol the auto complete added by itself everytime I added ( or ". If i let those be, the exercise stayed red permanently.
Shaik Gousiya
Level 2 , Tirupati, India
4 June 2021, 10:04
can anyone help me with this?
john Smith
Level 3 , Heinz, Germany
28 January 2021, 10:03
why arent we using curly brakets after the if/else statements??
Level 41
29 January 2021, 08:00
For a single statement it is possible with brackets and without, but if you want to group more than one statement in the if block then you have to use curly braces.
anupam jha
Level 7 , India
17 October 2020, 12:44
function means method? behavior? pls clear it thanks .
Level 4 , Mumbai, India
18 August 2020, 07:22
i dont have curly braces in my keyboard .then what can i do .plz help me .
Ice_ Beam
Level 7 , Germany
22 March 2021, 12:52
copy paste it from google, that's what I do if I can't find @ sign on an apple keyboard or how to operate it to get that sign.
Level 7 , Lübeck, Deutschland
27 July 2020, 18:14
Subhrajit Pyne
Level 3 , Houston, United States
19 May 2020, 06:29
Have not made any mistake, but still it is not completing. Please help.
Level 22 , Mumbai, India
18 May 2020, 18:01
Hi people! I passed this task. one rule: "AWAKE WHENEVER THERE IS RED" All you have to do is just follow the space that have been maintained for one variable to another. And make them sure that your written code is matched the given lines of the code.