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Dividing is good

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As a well-known paramecium once said, "dividing is good". Higher lifeforms (though not all) are united by this wisdom, including the highest form of life: programmers. Let's write a method to divide one number by another. We'll call it div, and we'll display the result of the division.
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Martin VirágLevel 4 , Budapest
10 July, 20:33
/* Comment has been deleted */
Clarence L MackeyLevel 4 , Fresno
18 May, 07:56
Still trying to process the info from lessons one and two. I almost had on the first ten or more tries
AnyLevel 8 , Guntur
5 October 2018, 06:11
Himanshu PalLevel 3 , Delhi
25 September 2018, 13:37