Dividing is good

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As a well-known paramecium once said, "dividing is good". Higher lifeforms (though not all) are united by this wisdom, including the highest form of life: programmers. Let's write a method to divide one number by another. We'll call it div, and we'll display the result of the division.
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22 January, 22:51
On & on
Level 3 , Mexico, Mexico
11 February 2022, 18:24
intente un par de veces al principio crei que el programa queria que en una sola linea apareciera el resultado de la division, no lei bien, simplemente agrege un nueva variable con la division y la mande a imprimir con u system.out.println
Víctor Alfonso Martínez Gómez
Level 3 , Manizales, Colombia
17 August 2021, 22:10
Level 4
14 June 2021, 09:12
Nick Frase
Level 8 , Salt Lake City, United States
14 March 2021, 08:12
I got it wrong because I wanted to use float.
Strik3ria DevOps at Integral Ad Science
27 May 2021, 21:46
I mean, it clearly says the result should be an integer.
sajib sn
Level 3 , Dhaka, Bangladesh
28 October 2019, 18:38
And what should be the class name?
Level 3 , San Francisco, Norway
19 March, 09:53
The exercise gives you the class name. Everything is practically done, so you only need to focus in printing the solution. To divide use " / " .
sajib sn
Level 3 , Dhaka, Bangladesh
28 October 2019, 18:35
Why this program don't compile ? can anyone explain please!
Martin Virág
Level 4 , Budapest, Hungary
10 July 2019, 20:33
/* Comment has been deleted */
Clarence L Mackey
Level 4 , Fresno, United States
18 May 2019, 07:56
Still trying to process the info from lessons one and two. I almost had on the first ten or more tries
Level 8 , Guntur, India
5 October 2018, 06:11