Red scare

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Dear CodeGym student, let's add a couple of lines to your dossier. No, no. Nothing like that. Just your date of birth. Why do we need this? We don't. It's for you. For educational purposes, of course. Just display your birth date in the format MAY 1 2012. And who are your parents? And do you have any subversive tendencies?
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Level 7 , Colorado, United States
19 September 2020, 23:06
I can only ever get the easy ones, i find myself googling or needing help on anything that is not using the System.out.print(); .... I think I may be better off just getting a book.......
Gray Aomg
Level 4 , Murcia, Abjasia
29 December 2019, 14:39
I cant see requirements no matter what i try, someone help please :c
Chanda B Barrick
Level 8 , United States
20 June 2019, 00:28
OMG! I was making this waaaay harder than it had to be...I thought it was asking me to take in any format date string (i.e. 05/01/2012) and output it in the way it says it should be (MAY 1 2012)... 🤦
abhishek rawat
Level 3 , Gurgaon, India
18 October 2018, 08:08
how to do in intellijidea
Regina Support Team at CodeGym
18 October 2018, 09:08
Click on the icon with the list. You will see the page with the tasks. Go find your exact task and insert your solution in the proper section.
Vishwambhar Awagan
Level 8 , Pune, India
22 September 2018, 11:35
What is wrong in my code..
Level 41
24 September 2018, 05:18
If you need help, something isn't right in your code, the server won't accept your solution (even if you are 100% sure that it is correct). Describe your question/issue in the HELP section at