Printing strings

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I foresee a recurring need to print strings in the life of a programmer! To print a string, you have to use a specific method... or write your own that has some special features. This task is different in that our method shouldn't simply display a string. Instead, it should change the string by adding the word "printing".
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Level 4
14 June 2021, 16:00
Level 3 , Chennai, India
29 August 2019, 08:41
Please do all the exercises in Intellij in the debug mode. Things are super easy these days for me. Love intellij and it gives a lot of suggestions as well. Please google and check how to use the debug mode.
Clarence L Mackey
Level 4 , Fresno, United States
13 June 2019, 00:40
my laptop was down and my tablet was printing the wrong ASCII left quotation marks
Level 3 , Cuddalore, India
6 May 2019, 05:48
guys please help out
Level 3 , Chennai, India
29 August 2019, 09:17
Please use Intellij debug mode.
Talha Javed
Level 4 , sialkot, Pakistan
30 October 2018, 05:40
can anyone give the right ans plz
Level 41
30 October 2018, 06:20
Posting the solution in the comments is prohibited.
Jan Pieter Beltman
Level 9 , Amsterdam
25 November 2018, 19:09
Hint: make sure you can print the line itself, then test for ways to get "printing: " in front of it. Loads of ways to do it! (you can also think about concatenation)
Level 3 , Chennai, India
29 August 2019, 08:42
Please use intellij in the debug mode . It will give you the answer.