Multiplication table

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In ancient times, when robots were few, human children were forced to learn the multiplication table. How cruel! Multiplication tables were written by hand over and over in notebooks. What a waste! We won't sully any paper, and there's no reason to teach you the table. Simply display it on the screen. Here's your secret weapon: the while loop.
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Level 7 , Korea, Republic of
3 May, 13:25
I see many people solved this with "for", am I supposed to know this already? Are we going to learn this later in this course?
Level 4
14 January, 02:36
I got it with a for loop inside a While loop. 2 variables to count and 1 to store the product.
Level 4 , Spain
1 December 2022, 10:39
for(int j=1; j<=10;j++){ for(int i = 1; i<=10;i++){ System.out.print((i*j) + " "); } System.out.println(); }
Anonymous #11180958
Level 6 , Alicante, Spain
21 November 2022, 22:23
I took the suggestion of the exercise and created like 10 while loops 😅 just tried with nested for loops and its so much shorter
Level 5 , Spain
8 October 2022, 23:50
Yo he creado la tabla a partir de un while y dentro un for. Entrar en arrays me parecía demasiado avanzado y ni siquiera sé cómo van en Java xD
Farhan Khan
Level 4 , United States
5 February 2022, 18:54
Why does this exercise want us to use loop when we have not been taught loop yet? Can any CodeGym employee answer this question?
John Squirrels Website Admin at CodeGym
7 February 2022, 08:44
The course may contain the tasks-from-the-future. If you do not have the idea how to solve it now, you can skip it and come back when you cover the lecture.
Elias Daniel Hung
Level 4 , Caracas
2 July 2021, 23:21
estuve tres días tratando de resolver este ejercicio
Elias Daniel Hung
Level 4 , Caracas
2 July 2021, 23:21
Hay que saber la diferencia entre = y == porque en el condicional if puede presentarse un error
Elias Daniel Hung
Level 4 , Caracas
2 July 2021, 23:19
yo utilicé dos ciclos for para eso investigué que eran esos ciclos, y algo que se llama algoritmo en Internet
Jomar Tayactac
Level 3 , Winnipeg, Canada
19 May 2021, 21:12
This task can be done without using a loop, your code will just be longer. If you'd like to use a loop but haven't learned it yet, simply google it.