Escaping characters

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You need to escape characters that a compiler interprets differently than a person does. For example, double quotes. The compiler uses them to mark the beginning and end of a string, but not to display them on the screen. So if we need to display double quotes, we use escape characters. Let's practice this skill. Complete a task about escaping characters.
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Steve C. Ands
Level 8 , Medellín, Colombia
19 November 2021, 16:02
Me está generando ERROR y se está cumpliendo todo
Level 41
24 November 2021, 07:29
Wendy Organista
Level 3 , Mexico
5 October 2021, 23:04
Es un ejercicio para poner mucha mucha atención, cada espacio y cada caracter cuentan :) Muy bueno
Angel Stefan
Level 23 , Sibiu, Romania
15 September 2021, 21:25
Hello, somebody know how to open the console in IntelliJ? For this task is important to see what is printed on the screen, but for some reason i don't have the console in the page. Tk!
30 May 2021, 00:23
I can not see the requeriments, seem not working.
Alex Vypirailenko Java Developer at CodeGym
30 May 2021, 11:45
Please contact support at
Nathan Guidry
Level 6 , Lake Charles, United States
10 May 2021, 16:16
Yeah the hint could've been worded better..
Level 5 , Priekule, Lithuania
17 November 2020, 18:05
hello everyone, What i'm doing wrong ? it looks simple but maybe i missed something.
Level 3 , Chicago, United States
21 October 2020, 23:29
This task helped me find out that IntelliJ adds escape characters by itself. Just copy\paste the text and it is done. Amazing
Geneson Bautista
Level 4 , Chesapeake, United States
20 September 2020, 01:05
Took me three times to get right. Hint is to pay attention to the double \\ for the second line.
Joe M
Level 41 , Owings Mills, United States
15 September 2020, 21:31
good practice with escape sequences. These are hard to learn.
Constantin Anton
Level 7 , Coventry, United Kingdom
17 August 2020, 17:58
\ and " are special caracters. If you want them to be ordinary place an \ before. (be aware of double \\)