Mercantile intentions

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Let's be honest with each other: a programmer's salary wasn't the last thing on your mind when you decided to start coding in Java? Here at the secret CodeGym center we are well aware of this and believe it's nothing to be ashamed of. In this task, let's cut to the chase: display "I want a big salary, and that's why I'm studying Java".
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Level 6 , Paris, France
16 August 2021, 14:16
Loops should come sooner... At least, it forces us to type things a lot of time, that helps for learning. I don't know if the point is to make us want to learn the syntax for loops or is it is to ensure we learn the syntaxes...
Level 4
18 June 2021, 08:01
Tom Vandermolen
Level 4 , Redmond, United States
28 June 2020, 00:25
Here's the output I was getting:
Level 41
30 June 2020, 05:26
As I can see your class name "Solution0324" is incorrect. Correct name is "Solution"