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Your attention, please! Now recruiting code entry personnel for CodeGym. So turn up your focus, let your fingers relax, read the code, and then... type it into the appropriate box. Code entry is far from a useless exercise, though it might seem so at first glance: it allows a beginner to get used to and remember syntax (modern IDEs seldom make this possible).
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Anonymous #10900803
Level 3 , Tuxpan, Mexico
1 February 2022, 05:01
Level 3
6 May 2020, 19:35
It isn´t showing any code to copy! Something went wrong!
Richard Morris
Level 3 , Pittsburgh, United States
9 March 2020, 22:25
Good practice. I repeated the exercise 42 times.
TheLordJackMC a person at war with my demons
13 July 2021, 13:50
Cz Ferencz
Level 9 , Bucharest, Romania
28 September 2021, 13:03