Cats in the Universe

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In 2010, cats took control of the Internet, and in 3258 they achieved a soft coup of Planet PurPurr, which is at the center of the Galaxy Rush planetary system. A coup is soft when no one is against it. There was one problem: there were a lot of cats, and despite their dominant position, they essentially don't know how to count. Let's help them with a counter.
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Nastya Level 19, Moscow, Russia
4 May 2020, 15:13
I think, in this task a better way is to generate constructor that increase variable by one every time when instance of the class is made
HaeWon Chung Level 17, Boston, United States
15 January 2020, 22:55
I just repeat
Cat.count ++;
below each objects. I pass the task but for me it doesn't make sense. The code does not actually count the number of objects. It's ME that counts.
Cat.count ++;
must be somehow linked to the created object but I don't know how to do that.
Mike McKenna Level 22, Wilmington, United States
21 June 2019, 22:21
The word public & count++ play large part in task
Bryce Lindley Level 9, Olympia, United States
15 February 2019, 17:59
pull from method.. cat1.variable cat2.variable