Describing numbers

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Suppose we need to separate numbers according to some criteria. For example, based on whether they are even or odd, or based on the number of digits. Have you got a picture of that in your mind? And now for the work: we'll write a program that describes the number entered by the user (it must be in the range from 1 to 999). The description will indicate whether the number is even or odd, and how many digits it has.
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Leif BrasilLevel 5 , Lisbon
6 November, 20:17
RomanLevel 41
7 November, 07:13
Please refer to Help section at our course.
Mike McKennaLevel 8 , Wilmington
17 August, 18:14
can't cause task to verify ? I have used from 0 to 1000 . task fails last requirement . help ? Thanks
Muhammad VahhaajLevel 19 , Rawalpindi
7 June, 17:08
Man what a verification technology. :O
RathikaLevel 5 , Chennai
8 January, 04:52
/* The comment was deleted */
RomanLevel 41
8 January, 06:41
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