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"Look how beautiful the world is without loops!" The guy who said this is busy displaying the table of squares of all numbers that can be represented by the int data type. He's been working on it for the past 5 years. I propose that we disagree with him and create a program with loops: specify a string and number N, and then display the string N times.
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Level 20 , United Kingdom
3 January 2021, 16:47
I'm having problems the second time today to post my code at the help section. is anyone out there able to help me?
Level 41
4 January 2021, 09:13
Please check if all fields are filled in when posting a question in the help section. If there is still an error, contact support.
Joffrey Wallaart
Level 9 , Eindhoven, Netherlands
18 August 2020, 21:54
This is what a for loop is for. It's a bit silly to use a much more convoluted while loop for this.
Level 9 , Denver, United States
28 June 2019, 14:07
Never mind,,, if I read it correctly,, it might work
Level 9 , Denver, United States
28 June 2019, 02:33
Dont know whats wrong with my code,, but following the example and it does not work??