Multiplication table

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In ancient times, when robots were few, human children were forced to learn the multiplication table. How cruel! Multiplication tables were written by hand over and over in notebooks. What a waste! We won't sully any paper, and there's no reason to teach you the table. Simply display it on the screen. Here's your secret weapon: the while loop.
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Level 5
26 July 2021, 07:33
I used also a while loop but the task is not validated: "The program should display a 10x10 multiplication table." I took care of spaces and returns but it's not that..
Jaime Padilla
Level 22 , Chandler, United States
19 April 2021, 18:47
I used one while loop and two if statements
Tyler Evans
Level 6 , Wallasey, United Kingdom
24 August 2020, 23:04
I am actually quite proud of myself that was hard. if you are stuck. this may help someone but i used a while in a while with two index variables. good luck.
Level 14 , United Kingdom
25 June 2020, 10:04
One of the situations when using System.out.print() instead of System.out.println() comes in handy...
Ian De Bie Full Stack Developer
24 June 2020, 05:42
technically it said must use a while loop, but not must use two while loops, soooo, yeah...
oli blaustrom
Level 18 , Luzern, Switzerland
15 November 2019, 18:10
no console for this one? I'm getting the 10 x 10 error but I can't check
Level 22 , Austin, United States
11 October 2019, 02:12
Dang what a brain teaser! Good one. Yeah its a kinda thing
Level 23 , Amsterdam, Netherlands
30 April 2019, 23:00
I really enjoyed this one. Hint: Inception loop :)
Glenn Meyer
Level 8 , Cleveland, United States
29 October 2019, 01:43
Sure, but you can easily do this with a single loop too. :)
23 August 2020, 01:35
Can you show the code for making a multiplacation table with a single loop ?
Glenn Meyer
Level 8 , Cleveland, United States
10 September 2020, 15:08
Using one while loop, you can make this work by multiplying x by an increasing y value, then resetting y to 1 and incrementing x. Obviously this way doesn't scale very well if you need a LOT of numbers, but for values around 10 or less, iterating by hand isn't terribly tedious or time-consuming.
Rishabh roy
Level 7 , San Jose, United States
23 April 2019, 08:14
anyone please help me
Level 41
24 April 2019, 06:09
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