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In life, we often have to compromise and find some kind of middle ground. This makes it easier to get along with each other and solve problems. Let's find the middle ground—or to be exact, the middle number—of three ints. And what if all three numbers are the same? We can display any one of them: nobody will notice.
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Level 9 , Milan, Italy
24 October 2022, 18:27
maybe first we should to learn the arrays to solve this task....i looked for on line this class and learned.....😉
Kiran Kumar Alisam
Level 7 , Erie, USA
8 April 2022, 01:25
using if conditions and checking less than or greater than , not able to resolve it
Level 11 , Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
18 February 2021, 08:20
From user input create an array, sort it using Arrays.sort (IDE imports it automatically when declared), and print the second array member ([1]), done.
W. Bus
Level 5 , Rzeszow, Poland
24 December 2021, 10:38
By giving solution instead of hints you are robbing others of the effort and opportunity to learn.
Level 7 , Yuma, United States
13 February 2021, 20:03
Good task. Remember, to use parseInt(); you have to import the Integer package or type Integer.parseInt(); when you call the method
Level 9 , Rochester, United States
6 November 2020, 14:21
Using the && and || logical operators inside my if-else statements helped greatly with the Somehow average task. Completed it after a few tries due to putting my >= comparison operators the wrong way a couple times.
Nutty Coder
Level 8 , United States
22 September 2020, 20:45
LOL, darn details. 🤪🤨 I forgot to remark out a bit of testing console output before I verified. So it got 3 attempts when I should have got one. 🥺
Karas Java Developer
28 August 2020, 22:48
Okay the number of if statements is aprox 10
Level 9 , Rochester, United States
6 November 2020, 14:23
I completed it with one if statement and two else if statements for total of 3.
Isher Singh
Level 5 , Bangalore, India
18 August 2020, 19:11
What's wrong in my program. As far I think it fullfills all the condition asked. Need help where I went wrong with this.
Level 41
21 August 2020, 05:50
Please use the Help section for questions relating to tasks.
1 August 2020, 17:28
With cycles, it’s definitely not a good option, but I didn’t pay otherwise.
10 May 2020, 21:02
What is wrong with this