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What could be simpler and more pleasant than adding numbers? Especially for a robot. Let's write a program where the user enters numbers from the keyboard, and then a special method sums up the entered numbers. And does so until the user gets bored. When the user is bored, he or she enters -1: the program will understand that it's time to wrap things up, and will then display the sum on the screen.
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Level 9 , Milan, Italy
24 October 2022, 11:21
only number "-1" not every negative number .....
NaTasia Madison
Level 8 , Atlanta, United States
12 July 2021, 01:40
I am completely lost with this exercise. So we're not taking the 5 user inputs listed? Is it random numbers? a = 14, sum = 0, sum += a is 14 or is a the sum of all numbers? If so, how?
Nathan Guidry
Level 6 , Lake Charles, United States
14 May 2021, 18:31
while what is true though?? That's what I'm not 100% about. I got the code correct but I'm not sure what that condition satisfies.. how could it even be false??
Ryan Palmer
Level 20 , Philadelphia, United States
21 January 2021, 15:31
Does the break make the condition "false" or simply make it exit?
Level 11 , Dugo Selo, Croatia
21 July 2021, 16:30
make exit
Level 6 , Hong Kong, Hong Kong
20 November 2020, 07:04
/* but what if I input 5 lines of -1, does the question need us to stop at the 1st -1, or, need us to sum up the 5 lines of -1? */
Level 11 , Dugo Selo, Croatia
21 July 2021, 16:31
first when entered -1 loop is over
Level 9 , Rochester, United States
6 November 2020, 14:40
Feel like I have done this one before? Did it reset somehow?
Isher Singh
Level 5 , Bangalore, India
18 August 2020, 18:50
There seems to be confusion in the question. Conditions is if user enters -1 then program should stop taking inputs. Does it means that -1 should be added to the sum or it should be signal to stop the program and display the results of the numbers entered till -1 as an input provided.
Level 41
21 August 2020, 05:48
The condition say "-1 should be included in the sum."
Level 14 , Richardson, United States
21 June 2020, 01:42
hint: (sum = sum + number) should be before the if statement
Nickolas Johnson
Level 8 , St. Louis, United States of America
5 March 2020, 20:06
This one had me pulling my hair out for a bit until I realized you have to evaluate the keyboard input each time, not the running number that you keep adding to the previous number. After that it was fairly simple.
yehuda b
Level 23 , Beersheba, Israel
2 December 2019, 22:53
"-1 should be included in the sum" Didn't include it and got the solution wrong b/c of it.