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A circle is the most perfect shape in the world. At least that's what the roly polies on the 2D planet 2piR think. The roly polies needed a registration program to identify fellow roly polies in the plane. The challenge is that different data is known about various roly polies. Let's help them: create a Circle class with three initializers.
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Kent HerveyLevel 5
9 hours ago
I assume color is a String?
Kent HerveyLevel 5
9 hours ago is a integer...I guess I can go with that, colors can be numbers
Roland CarignanLevel 7 , Columbus
29 March, 12:15
Should in the specs mention it wants them all to be int's.
Fadi AlSaidiLevel 13 , Carrollton
18 November 2018, 17:45
I am ok with color being int type variable, but shouldn't be String to match the previous quizzes?