You can't buy friends

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In English, "to make friends" simply means "to get to know someone else and establish a friendship". It doesn't make to "make" or "create" someone. But I must say, it does sound like something is being built. Let's take this idiom from English into Java: We'll make a Friend class with three constructors. The first constructor will take a name. The second will also take an age. And the third will also take a gender.
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Rebekah H
Level 8 , Gothenburg, Sweden
3 July 2020, 20:30
The instructions here are a bit confusing. First it says to have a constructor "Name" (uppercase N) 3 times, then in the requirements its says to have "name" (lowercase n). I did it with lowercase and it worked.
Level 41
6 July 2020, 07:58
""Name" (uppercase N) 3 time" This "Name" is not a variable name)
Daniel Ritter
Level 13 , Budapest, Hungary
20 June 2019, 13:48
Hi everyone, The last 3 requirements are not met, but I have 3 constructors and they have the correct arguments. Is there something that you see missing? Thanks. Daniel
Level 5 , Chisinau, Moldova
4 February 2021, 08:19
Example of constructor:
public Friend (int id){ = id;