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How do you like figuring out someone else's code and finding bugs? Whatever your answer to this question, you can't get by without doing this. The best way to survive in the programming world is to love it. So, here's a program. Figure out what it does, and then find and fix the bug. In this case, the main method is untouchable (cannot be changed).
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kar-fai chow
Level 8 , Hong Kong, Hong Kong
18 November 2020, 08:06
there are only so many words within the constructor, look at each of them and ask yourself this question: why is this word here? If still stuck, go back and read the chapter on Constructor, you will find your answer there.
Khongpak Phupkdee
Level 15 , Chiangrai, Thailand
13 February 2021, 12:59
Thank you😊 It works
Level 6 , San Miguel, Argentina
29 March 2022, 21:14
muy buen consejo
Nutty Coder
Level 8 , United States
8 October 2020, 11:43
I went to the right place right away and then convinced myself I was wrong. 🤣
Karas Java Developer
31 August 2020, 00:17
Hope I am not giving it away. What is missing from the code that will allow the getter and setter to be available for the Class? Loved it.
Level 8 , McLean, United States
8 September 2020, 22:35
I still don't seem to get it.
Karas Java Developer
8 September 2020, 23:52
What is missing from the class that the constructor has?
Level 9
17 July 2021, 13:55
It's rather what is extra :\
Chloe Dinh
Level 9 , United States
27 August 2020, 02:34
please pay attention on the default constructor.
6 August 2020, 17:44
I really wasn’t looking where I needed
Brandon Leirer
Level 7 , Keller, United States
5 June 2020, 19:18
That was...frustrating.
Nickolas Johnson
Level 8 , St. Louis, United States of America
9 March 2020, 19:40
If I am understanding this correctly, Color is a class nested inside of Circle. Kind of weird to think about but once I realized that it made more sense.
Level 9 , Denver, United States
8 July 2019, 14:03
What does line 9 do?? publc Color color; Is it an assignment statement?
GCPix Backend Developer
15 July 2019, 13:24
It is just declaring a variable called color, which will hold something of type Color. Not any different from public String name;
vivek mankar
Level 9 , Nagpur, India
12 June 2019, 05:18
what does the line 9 mean? Please do help!!!
Level 34 , Phnom Penh, Cambogia
21 May 2019, 06:08
Nothing add...