Display today's date

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Sometimes programmers sit at the computer for days and get lost in time. So if some guy on the street asks you what year it is, it might not be Marty McFly. Maybe he just wrote code for too long. To not get lost, let's display the current date in the following format: "06 15 2018".
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Chanda B BarrickLevel 7 , Seattle
13 August 2019, 02:09
Would be nice if this one specified the timezone it expects the date for...My current date is August 12th, but it wanted August 13th...
Aman sawLevel 9 , Madanpur
15 June 2019, 19:06
Please help
AndrewLevel 29 , Seattle
15 January 2019, 03:46
Answer depends on the timezone the server doing the code checking is in. My answer had to be one day later (tomorrow for me) at the time I was submitting my code for it to work. Also you can literally just write in your print statement the current date manually, in the proper format. No Calendar() yet :)
9 June 2019, 02:03
Thanks! The time zone thing threw me off
Arko SarkarLevel 8 , Mumbai
29 August 2018, 04:28
Is this task as simple as entering the date by yourself and printing it or something more complicated and useful can be done?
RomanLevel 41
29 August 2018, 06:02
You don't need to enter date. You have to display the current date.
AndrewLevel 29 , Seattle
15 January 2019, 03:44
Yes, but it depends on timezone. My current day was 14th but it wanted 15th.
Kirsten de WitLevel 17 , Cape Town
31 October 2019, 07:26
Do we need to specify the timezone?