Nerd break: musical interlude

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We're already almost at the end of the fifth level. Very soon we'll be back to doing tasks (including difficult tasks!). But for now, it's a great time to relax! You've heard of the superstar LadyJava, right? No? Time for you to get acquainted with her megahit, which warms the hearts of all Java programmers, regardless of their level.
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Dustin Lerch
Level 9 , United States of America, United States
18 December 2022, 01:16
hahaha, i had to watch that twice!
Cz Ferencz
Level 12 , Bucharest, Romania
13 December 2019, 10:14
:))) Love these "inspirational" videos, this and Game of Codes. :))) I seriouslly like them. :)))
Level 17 , Mansfield, Philippines
11 March 2021, 02:58
Hiiii can you send me a record of thi video? :( i cant afford to buy a premium account and i really want to learn more and more thank you
Level 11 , Minsk, Belarus
3 August 2019, 07:08
especially .Net
Kashinath Mondal
Level 8 , Kolkata, India
29 May 2019, 15:49
Level 10 , Bangalore, India
1 January 2019, 05:30
good one!!!