Cat's finalize method

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It's difficult to accidentally lose an object: as long as you have even one reference to an object, it remains alive. But if not, then the object is approached by the finalize method, an unpredictable assassin that works for the Java machine. Let's create this method ourselves: protected void finalize() throws Throwable. The last two words will become clear a little later.
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Level 20 , United Kingdom
4 January 2021, 20:10
Don't forget your curly brackets...
Brandon Leirer
Level 7 , Keller, United States
11 June 2020, 17:22
I think I am getting a bug. I keep getting an error on the main method, which is already provided in this exercise.
Level 41
12 June 2020, 05:56
Please refer to Help section at our course.