String array in reverse order

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No, we're not going to reverse each string so that it becomes the mirror image of the original. We'll save that for another task! Here and now, we need to create an array of 10 strings, read 8 strings from the keyboard and save them in the array, and then display the contents of the entire array (10 elements) in reverse order.
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Sekh Parvez
Level 8 , New York City, United States
15 December 2020, 21:52
if anyone is stuck , try to make sure you set the last 2 remaining values and then display them in reverse order
15 May 2020, 15:57
Can someone tell me why it is not working?
Nickolas Johnson
Level 8 , St. Louis, United States of America
21 March 2020, 21:40
So to prevent future confusion. The two empty slots should be entered first but displayed last. The description doesn't really specify where the empties should occur.
Param M
Level 8 , Mumbai, India
30 June 2019, 11:45
i am not able to clear the last condition
Param M
Level 8 , Mumbai, India
30 June 2019, 11:24
Guys please tell me whats wrong with my code ?