One large array and two small ones

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Once upon a time there was an array, and it was big. Well, relatively speaking. And he had two array friends who were half his size. Our task is to manipulate these guys. Numbers from the large array must be transferred to the two small ones (on a first-come, first-served basis), and then the second small array needs to be displayed. Can you do it?
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Tommy GuinnessLevel 9 , Newcastle West
10 October, 20:02
What`s wrong with code it does job but dont meet requirement
RomanLevel 41
11 October, 06:31
If you need help, something isn't right in your code, the server won't accept your solution (even if you are 100% sure that it is correct). Describe your question/issue in the HELP section at
TurnerLevel 11 , Pittsburgh
15 August, 23:59
Reinitialized the puzzle and got it to work the first time. 3rd requirement satisfied and all. Not sure what is the lesson to learn in all this, but okay.
TurnerLevel 11 , Pittsburgh
15 August, 18:10
A Hint suggesting to us how you want us to solve the puzzle would be nice. I have tried 7 different solutions that produce the (correct??) final result (if the 4th requirement is any indication) but have been unable to satisfy the 3rd task requirement. Please re-consider updating the verification software. Of course, if my final result is incorrect then fail the 4th requirement to reflect this. Thanks.
RomanLevel 41
16 August, 05:36
Give me your solutions (direct messages), please. I'll check it.
AhmedLevel 19 , Amsterdam
4 May, 20:05
I really enjoyed this one! Thanks!