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From now on, green eggs and ham will be overshadowed by lists. Or would the opposite be better? Here's our task: add some of Dr. Suess's famous words to a list: "Sam", "I", "Am". After each word, we'll insert "Ham" into the list. And display the result on the screen. Each list element on a new line.
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Level 7 , London, United Kingdom
2 September 2021, 12:05
Is there a better way to do this than manually placing each "Ham" into the list? Could it be written into a for loop for example?
Level 15 , Old Town, United States
21 April 2021, 00:33
although the following is acceptable way to do it, it doesn't pass. FYI, ArrayList<String> list = new ArrayList<>(Arrays.asList("Sam", "I", "Am"));
Nickolas Johnson
Level 8 , St. Louis, United States of America
26 March 2020, 14:34
Seeing as the instructions are unclear, you have to enter each word individually and only use one ArrayList for the "Declare a string list variable and immediately initialize it" to work. This exercise is more about showing that you can dynamically insert words between other words in an ArrayList. Don't do what I did and spend 45 minutes overcomplicating it for it to run correctly but still not pass verification.
Kent Hervey Software Engineer/Consult at Zeal IT Consultants
15 November 2019, 03:14
Verifier does not like this: ArrayList<String> list = new ArrayList<>(Arrays.asList("Sam","I","Am"));
dabay wang Backend Developer at Amazon
24 March 2020, 16:37
It wants you add one by one... unfortunately.
Level 34 , Phnom Penh, Cambogia
29 May 2019, 23:30
Someone can display the correct result: all below is wrong... 0 Sam 1 Ham 2 I 1 Ham 4 am 1 Ham _____________________ 1 Ham 4 Am 1 Ham 2 I 1 Ham 0 Sam
Level 41
30 May 2019, 06:32
am != Am (first result)
Level 11 , Spokane, United States
2 May 2019, 02:41
This one could do with the example output, as I first created a code which output: SamHam IHam AmHam which was actually more challenging to do than the intended output.
Arko Sarkar
Level 8 , Mumbai, India
31 August 2018, 15:22
Should the output be: Sam Ham I Ham Am Ham OR SamHam IHam AmHam ?
Level 41
3 September 2018, 05:45
Level 7 , Chernihiv, Ukraine
23 March 2019, 16:44