Min and max in arrays

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The Fault Line residential zone has only 20 houses, but their numbers were assigned haphazardly. It turns out that Fault Line's starting and ending numbers were set randomly. That's what makes it so interesting and unpredictable! Let's write a little Fault Line emulator: we'll determine where its begins and where it ends. To do this, we'll cram the housing block into an array, populate it with house numbers, and find the largest and the smallest among them.
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Tommy GuinnessLevel 9 , Newcastle West
day before yesterday, 20:23
Hi Guys need help. Cant meet 3rd requirements but output its ok i think.
RomanLevel 41
yesterday, 05:58
If you need help, something isn't right in your code, the server won't accept your solution (even if you are 100% sure that it is correct). Describe your question/issue in the HELP section at codegym.cc/help.
JanuszLevel 8 , Radomsko
21 January, 16:01
Very good training.