Move one static modifier

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Not everyone can be static! And if a static modifier ends up where it shouldn't be, anything could happen! This is exactly what happened in the code you'll see once you open this task: one static modifier ended up in the wrong place. Help the program compile by putting the modifier where it belongs! Thanks.
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VrhLevel 9 , Zagreb
30 June, 09:29
Just as I thought I understand this topic, this happens... I solved it but I can't really say I fully understand it.
IvanLevel 15 , Nope
15 October, 13:56
Static methods cannot use non-static variables. Non-static variables can use static variables. Hope this helps :)
Fairoz LogdeLevel 13 , Mumbai
24 December 2018, 17:24
What to do here??
RomanLevel 41
25 December 2018, 07:10
Move one static modifier to make the example compile.