HashMap of cats

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Here we've decided to make a collection of cats, so we're going to prepare a proper CATalog. In this program, someone has already gone to the trouble of writing a Cat class with a name field. Our task is to create a HashMap and add 10 cats to it. That's enough to start. As you probably already guessed, the cat's name should be used as the key.
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Fadi AlSaidiLevel 9 , Beirut
21 November, 00:43
What happen when a new object gets created with a reference to a variable name? for example from the task above: I can say New Cat cat1 = new Cat("Simba") or I can instantiated a new Cat in the map value with our assigning it to cat1 . How is the world would i know how to pull any new cat and I dot have its referenced variable? like if I wanted to pull the new Cat "Simba", how would i go about doing that when i don't have the Cat object reference like cat1? I hope that makes sense
Param MLevel 8 , Mumbai
11 July, 11:56
Guys i have no idea how to procede with the code and use the put function in the code
senthamil selvanLevel 20 , Eral
25 January, 05:11
help plz
RomanLevel 41
25 January, 06:56
Please create a question in the "Help" section.