LinkedList and ArrayList

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Collections can be implemented in many ways. There is no single implementation that is the most correct. In one approach, some operations are fast, but others are slow. The opposite can be true for another approach. There is no perfect one-size-fits-all solution. We won't torture you by making you choose. Let's just immediately create two different types of lists: LinkedList and ArrayList.
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Level 11 , Bangalore, India
28 February 2019, 14:23
Should i have to create an object for both List in main method and then implement them in respective methods ? Help me with code please ....
Israel Herrera Cabello
Level 10 , Spain, Spain
31 January 2022, 23:26
Hi, It does not ask you to call the methods in the main, but simply implement the code so that each method works. As a hint it is not necessary to put the generic parameter <>