Method quartet

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In this task, we'll be working with a LinkedList and an ArrayList as follows. We need to implement 4 methods. Each of them should return the list that is best suited for performing the corresponding operations (i.e. the list that can most quickly perform a large number of operations). But you don't need to measure anything.
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carlos oliveira
Level 10 , Seattle, United States
19 November 2021, 03:34
"OMG" I complete forget that "here" sometimes you must to digest some kind of "soooooo dumb" requirement. I tried it 16 times. I'm keeping a big note on my table about it till Christmas. "lol"
Alexandre Lalancette
Level 41 , Quebec, Canada
30 October 2019, 23:49
Don't look too far, only return what it asks for ;)
Level 14 , Ashburn, United States
18 February 2019, 20:42
I think this question could be better phrased with a small insertion: "You don't need to perform any actions (i.e. add/delete) or measure anything, just return the list".