Going national

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Once diners get over their initial reservations about the proper color of breakfast foods, they fall in love with green eggs and ham. Sam-I-Am has big plans to open a national chain of restaurants featuring his signature dish. He'll launch the Green Eggs and Ham restaurant chain as soon as he can find suppliers of properly colored eggs. We will write a program that replaces the text "green eggs and ham" with "Green Eggs And Ham".
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Bill HineLevel 8 , Sarasota
yesterday, 19:22
. Another one of code gyms hidden requirements you only find out about after you hit verify make sure you account for the fact that the test input does not mean that each word will be single spaced they can be double spaced or more.
VesaLevel 11 , Kaliningrad
22 November, 10:25
Fine! The task forces us to study the methods of the String and Character classes.
SteveLevel 9 , Denver
6 August, 18:08
I hope this isnt breaking the rules but this is key to pass the last task String[] words = s.trim().split("\\s+");
Michał KwaśnyLevel 22 , Krakow
27 June, 15:19
Can someone point out what is wrong with this code? It works perfectly.
shabarish kumarLevel 15 , Hyderabad
22 June, 05:50
its failing by saying that my output has extra spaces. But i have not found such that. Please help me
Ed MaphisLevel 20 , Painesville
25 May, 19:59
Internet research helped solve this one.
16 June, 16:08