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You probably already know the ordered isomorphs of Planet Linear Chaos, who like sorting algorithms because they use them to think. Here's a little task for isomorphs in elementary school: enter 20 words from the keyboard and display them in alphabetical order. But how do we sort them? Come up with the answer yourself! You're practically a linear isomorph!
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Level 15 , Old Town, United States
5 May 2021, 16:59
No, you don't have to write out the "Bubble sort", but helps to practice. Also, learned a lot about the method a.compareTo(b) method, without which, you can't put them in alphabetical order. So, it was a good learning experience. Happy coding! :)
Level 20 , Poland
18 October 2020, 18:09
I didn't understood why do we need this comparison method. Because all work does - Arrays.sort(array)
Maxim Raitin
Level 20 , Tomsk, Russian Federation
28 March 2021, 13:34
It is cheat to use sort collection
Karas Java Developer
7 October 2020, 00:23
Sorry I do not know if I cheated but easy does it right?