A scary fairy tale

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Once there were five classes: red riding hood, grandmother, pie, woodcutter, and wolf. Each class has 2 fields: ArrayList killed and ArrayList ate. Create the necessary objects (hood, grandmother, ...). Then arrange the relationships correctly according to who ate and/or killed who to bring to life what happened in the old Terran fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood".
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Kyle ChatmanLevel 11 , Oakland
24 May, 18:30
Clarifying poorly written conditions: wolf ate grandmother wolf ate hood woodcutter killed wolf. Ignore the nonsense about the pie.
Syed Tayyab ul MazharLevel 11 , Karachi
15 June, 15:52
Thanks. Took me 10 attempts.
MakinTosHLevel 20 , Vilnius
25 April, 17:36
This task is confusing. Please specify what "wolf ate a little" means. Because you can't understand that a little means both hood and grandmother. Also in the story wolf never eats red riding hood!
Benjamin WinchesterLevel 17 , Savannah
21 November 2018, 02:40
Code readability is important. Default variables for StoryItem should be "killed" and "ate", not "eaten" which implies the item was eaten by the item in the ArrayList.
RomanLevel 41
22 November 2018, 06:59
Thank you, we will fix it soon.