Static modifiers are out of place

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Faint steps could be heard, and then Master Yu Wu, an expert in the art of positioning objects, appeared in the room. He frowned at the code and said what the programmer was afraid to hear: "Where they are needed, the static modifiers are not. Your error herein lies". The master was correct: Rearrange the static modifiers so that the program compiles.
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Level 18 , Sofia, Bulgaria
19 January 2021, 12:14
At least underscore the fields word, I did not got it either.
Level 20 , Vilnius, Lithuania
25 April 2019, 17:45
Requirement 6. There must be 3 static fields in the class. This is wrong because there should be 4 static fields, if we include main method! It should state add 3 static fields or there should be 4 static fields.
Level 41
26 April 2019, 06:10
A method is not a field!