Task No. 7 about integer type conversions

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This is the seventh and final task in the "Integer Type Conversion" series. Seven will suffice to get you started. It doesn't contain anything original, but it will give you knowledge. So, there's this code that has a lot of cast operators in it. Remove the superfluous and be happy! This series was prepared specifically for the CodeGym training center by Professor Noodles. Don't abandon your studies.
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Level 13 , Alhambra, United States
10 November 2021, 07:08
what is the point of all those outdated and unnecessarily difficult tasks? Java is supposed to be a tool ,not an Olympic math competition . I am really annoyed .
Level 10 , Dresden, Germany
7 January 2022, 18:06
Yeah, me too !!
18 October 2021, 20:03
This is crazyyyyyyyyyyyy!