Correct inheritance chain: part 5

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Andre, who breeds cats and dogs, doesn't know how to program. He has tearfully asked you to write a program that could help him keep track of his hard-earned assets. And for you that should be easy. Because, as it happens, you're studying OOP and inheritance.
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schipplock Backend Developer at n/a
16 August 2021, 15:28
a car is an asset? not in my world :).
Mads Clausen
Level 12 , Randers, Denmark
23 February 2020, 09:32
An animal in our household is owned by us. Why shouldn't it inherit Asset?
Level 13 , Jin'e, China
16 November 2019, 14:58
The title may not appear completely on the page, It doesn't specify who inherits who
24 September 2018, 18:30
There is a typo here. Instructions mention the Asset class but on the code the class is called Assets.
Level 41
25 September 2018, 05:47
Thanks, it will be fixed soon.