Interfaces for the Human class

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A human is a very complex organism. And it's hard to program one. But we will try, at least to some degree. Here we have a Human class and interfaces. You need to add as many interfaces to the Human class as possible, but be sure that it doesn't become an abstract class. Don't add any methods.
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Sam Jin
Level 23 , Cambridge, Australia
25 April 2019, 05:07
if two interfaces have the same method names and a class implements both of them how do we know which method will take precedence? e.g. human implements employee and secretary, both of which have the workLazily() method if a human was to call workLazily which one would be called?
Level 41
25 April 2019, 06:21
Interface methods have no implementation. The workLazily () method of the Human class will be called.
Sam Jin
Level 23 , Cambridge, Australia
27 April 2019, 05:42
ahhh thanks Roman I think i get it