Who's that smarty?

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Do you know the difference between Smart and Clever? We do too, but that's a topic for another day. Today we're talking about adding the Secretary and Boss interfaces to the Manager and Subordinate classes. Try to figure out for yourself which interface is best for each class. Good luck!
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Level 18
29 July 2021, 18:38
An interface can extend multiple interfaces interface Boss extends interface1 , interface2
Khongpak Phupkdee
Level 15 , Chiangrai, Thailand
12 August 2021, 14:40
Thank you ^.^
Level 24 , Wittenberg, Germany
3 June 2021, 05:39
task1310 (Who's that smarty?) caveat: the requirements state that Boss should inherit Person; however, what gets checked is whether Boss has Person listed among the interfaces it extends, not simply whether it inherits that interface in some way or other.