Chicken factory

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Let's create an international chicken factory. We'll fill it with chickens from all over the world. Create a list that indicates each hen's nationality and we'll track how many eggs they lay each month. How do you do that? Using abstract classes and inheritance, of course.
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Level 15 , Old Town, United States
9 June, 14:45
took a while, but good learning. happy coding! :)
Michael T Schaefer
Level 15 , Columbia, United States
13 May, 01:00
Why is the getDescription() from the child class called when we use the HenFactory's getHen() to declare a new variable, "hen", of Hen type when it points to one of the child class's in memory? I checked this lesson and this website and it seems to say the opposite. Can someone clarify? To review/summarize my question... does the declaration type qualify the methods available to that object? Or is its location in memory (what comes after the 'new' keyword)? I hope I'm wording all of this accurately and clearly. Still feel like a noob! : )
Lucas Hoage
Level 14 , Savannah, United States
12 June 2020, 21:13
A little tough. Doable.
Level 15 , Colnbrook, United Kingdom
2 May 2020, 21:53
getDescription ()
output must be exactly this format: <parent class>.getDescription() + " I come from <continent>. I lay <n> eggs a month." My output was a String.format(<parent class>.getDescription() + " I come from <continent>. I lay <n> eggs a month."....). Was giving me the right output, but wasn't passing the testing.
Andreas Dengler
Level 16 , Bielefeld, Deutschland
28 April 2020, 15:49
Hei I have another strange Problem. We need to create the classes if the hens in new files (I work on my phone) and it happens all the time. I create the file and change the class to what it needs to be go to the nect file change things there and when I look at the already finished file every change is gone and i need to redo it and when I am finished the other file is empty again. I will never be able to pass the task this way... I just realised that the files doesnt get deleted randomly every time you create a new file the changes of the other files get deleted
dabay wang
Level 22 , New Ross, Ireland
5 April 2020, 22:31
Having an interface with only fields, like Continent, is not best practice. Maybe change to Enum instead.
Level 20 , Lagos, Nigeria
22 June 2019, 01:32
This is absolutely awesome.
Level 16 , India
1 October 2018, 06:18
Some points identified that needs fixing in this task: 1. Hen class getDescription method should return "I am a chicken." which is correct. However, during verification, condition number 6, gives an example and states "I'm a chicken." This is very confusing. Both statements should match to a T. 2. The same condition 6 also states that the message for North America should display: I'm a chicken. I come from North America. I lay 5 eggs a month. This was not verifying for me even though I ensured the message is exactly the same. It turns out, you have to use Continent.NorthAmerica instead of hardcoding "North America" in the return message. But, point to be noted: Continent.NorthAmerica returns "NorthAmerica" and not "North America" (with a space). Time is wasted in trying to match the program as per conditions, even though your code works perfectly fine. Please take a note of these minute issues which are like witch hunt and take a lot of time.
Level 29 , Seattle, United States
30 January 2019, 18:53
Another point, copied from the validation: The description of an AfricanHen should have the following format: <parent class>.getDescription() + "I come from Africa. I lay <n> eggs per month.", where <n> is the number of eggs per month (returned by the getMonthlyEggCount method. For example: I'm a chicken. I come from Africa. I lay 5 eggs a month. The "following format" section shows ...getDescription() + "I come from...". This would not produce a space between sentences. This would output: "I'm a chicken.I come from...", but the example printout shows "I'm a chicken. I come from..." with a space between sentences. Another one is "...eggs per month." vs "...eggs a month."
Level 41
31 January 2019, 07:13
Thanks, we will fix it soon.
Level 29 , Seattle, United States
31 January 2019, 16:49
Thanks! You are awesome :)