Wine tasting

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30% of the robots on Planet Soto have an alcohol dependence, which causes anxiety among the remaining 70%. More precisely, the 30% are addicted to alcohol-related programs. We are talking about robots, after all. But now it's your chance to do the same!
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Level 15 , Old Town, United States
10 June 2021, 02:36
why say "3. Create a BubblyWine class...." and then say in the requirement, "The SparklingWine class must...." if you create a "BubblyWine class" it doesn't pass the test. Sooooo unnecessary and retarded to make us waste time this way. 😒 btw, in the getDeliciousDrink method, the return type is Drink & the actual return is Wine - this works because of the inheritance (OOP concept - Wine extends Drink). The same idea applies to the getSparklingWine method.
Level 41
11 June 2021, 06:03
Thanks, fixed.
Andreas Dengler
Level 16 , Bielefeld, Deutschland
29 April 2020, 02:58
I program on my phone in the app and when I create a file and go out of the task and back in ALL classes also the Solution class is gone and deleted. I cant solve the task like that please help!
Payal Agarwal
Level 17 , Bucharest, Romania
19 August 2019, 14:17
Can we add classes from ipad??
Level 20 , Lagos, Nigeria
22 June 2019, 02:00
I've been wondering how guys designed all these wonderful stuff. You guys are simply incredible.
senthamil selvan
Level 20 , Eral, India
19 February 2019, 04:40
Thanks Roman
senthamil selvan
Level 20 , Eral, India
16 February 2019, 11:26
how can i add new file ?
Level 41
18 February 2019, 06:47
Right-click on the folder task1410 and select what you need