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You have the code for a MovieFactory program. Figure out what it does. Add Cartoon and Thriller classes. Understand how we get a SoapOpera object using the key "soapOpera".
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Petros Yiannikouros Level 16 , Columbia
6 August, 20:11
Another battle with verification LOL
Lucas HoageLevel 14 , Savannah
13 June, 01:04
Perfect exercise.
Clau DiaLevel 24 , Mendoza
10 December 2018, 03:30
In point 8, it's not "Create a variable movie in the Movie class" but "Create a variable movie OF the Movie class".
RomanLevel 41
10 December 2018, 06:44
Thank you, we will fix it soon.
Benjamin WinchesterLevel 17 , Savannah
1 December 2018, 19:41
What is the purpose of calling MovieFactory.getMovie() on an invalid entry? It seems better to train programmers to catch invalid entries in their code rather than letting them pass.