Exception invasion

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In reality, there are oceans of exceptions in programs, and you'll eventually get used to them. You can start right now: populate the list exceptions with ten (10) different exceptions. The first exception is already implemented in the initExceptions method.
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Level 22 , Iasi, Romania
2 June 2021, 13:45
you can just make
list.add(new Ex
and see what sugestions the IDE will give you and finish everything in 20 seconds, you don't really need to do the try-catch block for every exception. but to be honest i find it really fun to do the try-catch for evert exception and i think is a good practice. took me about 20 minute to remember 10 exceptions and a way to throw each of it
Karas Java Developer
31 March 2021, 19:09
or just throw an specific new exception hahahaha.
Level 20 , United Kingdom
4 March 2021, 17:35
you don't have to make a try/catch block to get your exception as they give us for the first exception. you just have to add 'new exception' to the ArrayList
list.add(new Exception());
Ed Maphis
Level 20 , Painesville, United States
4 June 2019, 16:12
This one took some research.
Level 29 , Seattle, United States
30 January 2019, 22:07
This is an awesome exercise. Very valuable experience.
Benjamin Winchester
Level 17 , Savannah, United States
2 December 2018, 08:05
HAHAHA, make 10 user-defined exceptions...