The simplest code: part 2

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This program has something superfluous in its implementation. It's something related to constructors, and can be automatically added by the compiler. Your task is to simplify the code by removing all constructors and calls of superclasses' constructors that are created and added automatically.
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Oege Hiddema Java Developer at CodeGorilla
14 July 2022, 04:28
The solution says the NormalCat needs to have an empty constructor without arguments, but can this constructor not be deleted completely, just like the constructor without arguments of the NakedCat? Both don't have code in them, so the default constructor will be used (?)
Level 29 , Seattle, United States
31 January 2019, 17:13
This exercise has a typo: NakedCat nakedCoco = simka.shave(); Should be coco.shave();
Level 41
1 February 2019, 06:49
Thank you, we will fix it.