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CrUD: Create, Update, Delete. The program runs with one of the following sets of arguments: -c name sex bd -u id name sex bd -d id -i id Argument values: name (String) sex ("m" or "f") bd (birth date in the following format: "04 15 1990") -c (adds a person with the specified arguments to the end of
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AhmedLevel 19 , Amsterdam
13 August, 03:02
Is the best way to get the last index by using the size method? Like:
System.out.println(allPeople.size() - 1);
Anyone has another idea? I tried the method (lastIndexOf) but it doesn't seems to work
ulmas9025Level 20 , Tashkent
6 August, 03:18
help my
EwertonLevel 30 , Belo Horizonte
3 July, 14:47
My mistake was: Example input:
-c Washington m "04 15 1990"
What I thought was format:
new SimpleDateFormat("\"MM dd yyyy\"")
What it really was:
new SimpleDateFormat("MM dd yyyy")
Raivo LapiņšLevel 18 , Riga
4 June, 15:45
I think this task is poorly worded. You should probably mention that the main() method or programs entry point takes a list of arguments. I was trying for so long to figure out why my input from the console line doesn't pass the tests although they met requirements. So for those who are struggling as I did - you must work with
main(String[] args)
as input for the program. Don't create your own readers and don't read user input.
Ed MaphisLevel 20 , Painesville
15 June, 17:37
JuanfLevel 22 , Vilnius
6 October, 20:55
Thank you so much!