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Batch CrUD: multiple Creations, Updates, Deletions. The program runs with one of the following sets of arguments: -c name1 sex1 bd1 name2 sex2 bd2 ... -u id1 name1 sex1 bd1 id2 name2 sex2 bd2 ... -d id1 id2 id3 id4 ... -i id1 id2 id3 id4 ... Argument values: name (String) sex ("m" or "f") bd (birth
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18 May, 15:27
PRO TIP!!! This task uses the String[] args bit of the main(String[] args) If you want to test this and run code based on th String[] args in IntelliJ do this: 1. Click on the play button next to public static void main.... 2. Select the last option 'Create solution main'... 3. In the Create Run Configuration window look to Program Arguments 4. Set your arguements here for example: -u 0 Washington m "04 15 1990" 1 Smith f "03 19 1987" or -c 0 Washington m "04 15 1990" 1 Smith f "03 19 1987" This took me a LONG time to figure out, hope it helps someone else.
LuyiLevel 31 , Kosice
18 July 2019, 06:39
is there a way how to push arguments via codegym compiler?
RomanLevel 41
19 July 2019, 06:38
Use IDEA or another IDE
Robert ConstantinescuLevel 25 , Bucharest
1 December 2019, 15:10
hi, the instructions for this taks should be updated with at least 1 input example please. It looks like the date is put with quotes when the command runs, and it is quite difficult to figure it out.why the codes is not working if you don't know the input. Thanks
RomanLevel 41
2 December 2019, 07:59
Read how parameters are passed on the command line. If the parameter has spaces inside itself, then it must be in quotation marks.
robinLevel 23 , Lublin
31 May 2019, 07:05
Is it just me or the instruction for this task is so vague & unclear that you, too, have no idea what they actually expect us to do? ;)
EwertonLevel 30 , Belo Horizonte
3 July 2019, 15:45
You are going to do the same thing you did on CRUD, but with a indefinite amount of arguments, and they are forcing you to use switch/case and synchronized.