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Make the joinData method transactional, i.e. if it fails, then the data must not be changed. 1. Read 2 file names from the console. 2. Read from the files line by line. Read from the first file into allLines, from the second file — into linesForRemoval. In the joinData method: 3. If the allLines lis
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Level 19 , Moscow, Russian Federation
23 April, 15:43
"If the allLines list contains all the lines from linesForRemoval" - it means all the lines and any other lines? for example: allLines[1,2,3]; linesForRemoval[1,2,3,4] - acceptable or not? or only allLines[1,2,3]; linesForRemoval[1,2,3] acceptable?
Baurzhan Konurbayev
Level 40 , United States
12 August 2020, 15:12
By "The program" is meant main method. This is where data initialization happens.