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Enter a file name from the console. Find the byte or bytes with the minimum number of repetitions. Display them on the screen, separated by spaces. Close the IO stream.
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Jurij Thmsn
Level 29 , Flensburg, Germany
2 April 2021, 13:59
stumbled upon "least repeated". It means it should occur at least once, not 0 (not repeated) and not 2. Repetition - in my understanding - means, that it occurs at least two times, but nevermind. Passed validation by displaying every byte which occurred once.
Justin Smith
Level 38 , Greenfield, USA, United States
28 September 2021, 14:43
Yes, the conditions are not clear on this, but it means the bytes which occur in the least number (minimum once) in the file.
Level 23 , Columbia, United States
18 August 2020, 20:19
Interesting. Even though my code displayed the minimum values multiple times, it still accepted the solution. I guess it doesn't matter how many times the minimum values are displayed, as long as they're displayed? I wasn't able to get them to display only once due to a for loop. Maybe a Hashmap would've done it.
Level 30 , Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
28 November 2019, 17:53
i output all keys who's value's are equal to min and still the task failed?
Level 41
29 November 2019, 06:56
If you need help, something isn't right in your code, the server won't accept your solution (even if you are 100% sure that it is correct). Describe your question/issue in the HELP section at codegym.cc/help.
Fabian Andiel
Level 25 , Vienna, Austria
1 February 2020, 11:26
Now it does again. Do you see any error in my code now? Thx Fabian