Wrapper (Decorator)

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Figure out what the program does. By analogy with the DecoratorRunnableImpl class, create a DecoratorMyRunnableImpl class.
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Level 25 , Lucca, Italy
6 January 2021, 14:50
I have no idea what i am looking at... :( It s that so bad?
Mike S
Level 28 , Saint Louis, United States
7 February, 13:42
For anyone else feeling this way, I felt the same when I first looked at it. But just break it down and refer to the original lecture material. You might not understand everything as completely as you'd like, but it will help tremendously. https://codegym.cc/quests/lectures/questcore.level08.lecture06 Granted, I still can't get it to pass, but the output sure seems to be what it's supposed to.